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Our Community - Map, Street Names, Beaches and Water Access, Photos of Events

Street names of the Community:

2nd Street

Baywood Lane

Circle Road

Concordia Drive

Coralie Court

Cornfield Road

Delos Court

Diana Drive

Eastern Court

Eastern Road

Gibson Road

Grandview Court

Grandview Road

Guerdon Court

Hirsch Lane

Long Point Court

Long Point Road

Longmoor Road

Magothy Road

Melanie Road

Pike Road

Sandbar Lane

Shoreside Trail

South Shore Road

Twin Beach Road

Twickenham Road

Vespers Way

Wileys Lane

Beaches and water access points:

There are three main beach areas in the community.  They are located at the ends of Shoreside Trail, Circle Road, and Twin Beach. 

There are also over 20 walking access points to the water that belong to the community.  Some of them include those found at both ends of Magothy Road, three on Grandview Rd (next to #1679, next to #1689, and across from #1720), one at the intersection of Twickenham and Gibson Roads, one at the Boat Ramp by Twin Beach and Cornfield Roads, and one on Pike Road.


Community Events!

~We always welcome volunteers (young and old) to help out at communty events! Please help keep our community vibrant, helpful and fun for everyone! Email Webmaster@longpointonthemagothy.com for more details on how to help!~